Domex, born in 1994 under the company DOMICILIO EXPRESO NACIONAL, SA, to provide the commercial and financial sector, reliable service for operational arrangements, courier and the shipping of documents and packages throughout the Dominican Republic.

Its founders are Mr. Cesar Villanueva and Elvin Penn, both professionals in the areas of finance and business for more than 20 years of experience.

DOMICILIO EXRESO NACIONAL, now Domex, started operations in 1994 with a broad business vision and dedication to work, which has allowed to become the largest and most reliable infrastructure of logistics services to the commercial and financial sector as regards shipping documents, assigned messenger and packages shipping throughout the national territory.

In 1998 REXA is founded, Recursos Externos y Asociados SA and thanks to our unwavering commitment and steady growth, in 2007 it becomes Domex Servicios.

In 2002 Coverall Dominicana, a company belonging to an international franchise of the USA, Coverall North America Inc., founded in 1985 largest cleaning is founded.

Following our vision and entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, in 2007 constitute the legal name of Domex Expreso and Domex Logistic.

In 2007, thanks to its growth and evolution, Domicilio Expreso Nacional SA, becomes what is now known as Domex, headquarters of subsidiaries Domex Expreso, Domex Nacional, Domex Logistic, Domex Servicios and Coverall, group leaders in the shipping market, distribution of documents in general, personnel management and cleaning, respectively.

In 2012, Domex expands its services with its range of freight forwarding and international parcel continuing with our vision of growth, quality, innovation and commitment to all our customers.