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14 Tips para el regreso a clases, el 14 es el que más me gusta.

Every year, many parents face the fearsome costs involved in buying back to school supplies, books and uniforms. One of the preconditions to make any kind of purchase recommendations is to review the conditions of home supplies: backpacks, lunchboxes and so on, to try to take advantage of what is in good condition reusing, and saving a little money.

Then we list some of the most important tips for a great Back to School 2015.

1. Make a list before buying school supplies, will help you limit your impulse shopping and remember you wanted. When you organize and define a plan of purchases, it is easier to do.

2. Before starting to use to make purchases, searches the list of school supplies at school and so will know exactly who needs each of your children.

3. Make a price comparison between different brands, in order to achieve savings. Consider buying school supplies per pack, which is a little cheaper ensuring that your children are covered the entire school year and even can give away part of their cousins; That is the advantage of buying in quantity.

4. Share / exchanging used books with friends or relatives, to avoid this expense. Likewise, if you can not share, I donate it to institutions or public schools.

5. Prevent back injuries of children, ensuring that the packs do not exceed ten percent of the weight of the child. You can opt for backpacks wheels, recommending that use; exchanged hand from time to time, to avoid overloading the muscles of the arms.

6. When the kids are on vacation, hours of sleep and wake vary. But when they return to classes, schedules are again important, try to keep your children gradually recover their normal school hours, and when it rings the alarm clock will not have trouble getting up.

7. For parents who have two or more children, some school supplies or even the school uniform to be re-usable; and therefore it can be saved.

8. Even before entering school, teach your child how to properly use the backpack; and will leverage all their compartments. It is preferable to choose with wide / soft straps and padded back.

9. To prevent the child to feed less, get organized to send a snack / lunch nutritious; that allows you to be more alert and have better school performance. If your child is a teenager and does not give the lunch is a good breakfast at home.

10. As we approach the first day of school, children begin to feel uneasy and a little anxious. You must make them feel calmer and they see the positive side to all these changes.

11. Days before returning to the school year is a good time to establish rules and study skills to bring good results.

12. Designate a specific place to do homework, and organize it with all necessary implements .With a good space the child will feel comfortable to perform all their assigned task, be sure that in that space there is no distraction such as TV, electronic games, etc.

13. Talk to the child about the new school year and make sure they know that they will have your support and drought for all projects assigned by their teachers.

14. Planning is the key to back to school less complicated, and you can have all the school supplies your children need. Remember Courier Domex can bring all your supplies with this fabulous discount back to school and take it to your home completely free and flexible schedules to make your purchases without trouble. We will wait for you! Take advantage of our discount, if you are not a customer, register this is the link:


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Finally relax and enjoy everything and every moment, this may be the best year of your school life, fill yourself all you can and learn the most, remember that the maturity of life is through the experiences of the life.

Marcia Melo

Senior Marketing Manager

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