Parcel and Specialized Packages



We offer transportation arrangements for the collection and delivery of bags throughout the country. We guarantee a well uniformed and highly experienced service personnel.

Our fleet of vehicles is monitored 24 hours a day under a GPS system. Our customers will see during your bags and move in real time.



We offer the shipping of all kinds of packages for the whole country. We guarantee delivery times, under our advanced delivery system. Our customers can track their online documents to know the status of their packages at all times.

We service delivery packages individually and in group. We have a fleet of vehicles monitored 24 hours a day under a GPS system. All shipping is done with proof of delivery, the acknowledgments.

As an added value to the service we give our customers a Executive to ensure the efficient management.


We guarantee delivery times

24 – 48 Hours Santo Domingo
72 Hours of other Provinces


For more information:

[email protected]