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The most special day for dad is coming up and Domex brings you a 25% discount on gifts!

How to access the discount:

To request a 25% discount on freight for all parent gift items weighing 10 pounds or more, you just have to send an email to: You can also choose to create a ticket assistance at: and physically directly at the counter indicating the package to which you want to apply the discount.

Discount restrictions:

  1. Applies only for PRIORITY or Freight service.

  2. Does not apply to additional charges (Airport Fee, Insurance, Transportation, Fuel, DGA Service).

  3. Applies only to packages that meet the pounds detailed in the benefits section.

  4. Does not apply to packages that have arrived outside the promotion validity date.

  5. Does not apply to CORPORATE clients, only personal clients apply.

  6. Does not apply discount on discount.

  7. Does not apply to credit invoices.

  8. It is not transferable.

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