How to buy online?


If it is your first time in this fascinating world, we can tell you that it is much easier than you think. ​



Competitive prices


Variety of products

Recommendations and availability of articles.

​ Before fully entering the manual, it is vital to understand the path that the item takes from the online store to reach your hands. Here is a brief outline:

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How to buy online?

Buying online is a very interesting experience. As exciting as it is to see our article on screen, so it is to follow it through the entire process.

The process can be structured in three large blocks:


1. Account Creation

To make our purchases online we need to authenticate ourselves against the various online stores.  This allows you to browse the products, buy, receive  

In this section we show the basic steps for creating your accounts, starting with Domex and after you have our address in Miami, it is the one you provide when registering in online stores, especially Amazon.

1.1 Create your Domex account

You go to

  • Click the "Sign up" button, located in the upper right corner.

  • When entering your personal data, specify the branch where you want to receive your shipments.

You will receive a welcome email with your membership code, example: D01-040011.

After your account is created, we will contact you to provide you with our Miami address, which we showed you in step 1.2.

1.2 Your user in online stores

To buy digitally in a store (Amazon, Ebay, Sephora, etc.) you will need to create a user with your data. Please complete them like this:

  • Name: Your name D01-0XXXXX

  • Address 1: 4624 NW 74th Ave

  • Address 2: Unit 4

  • City: Doral

  • State: FL

  • Zip Code: 33166-6447

  • Country: United States

  • Phone: 305-599-3939

1.3 Complete the Single Customs Registry (RUA)

It is a very useful tool, which you can find on the button on the left, while on the right you can go directly to the registration form.


Your registration is REQUIRED ONLY ONCE. If you have already registered, skip this step.

1.4 Download our Domex App:

This allows you to track, pay, notify your packages, see our branches, calculate the cost of a package, check your membership number, among other facilities.

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2. Make your purchases

Once your accounts are registered, we're taken in by the thrill of shopping in our stores, which is super easy and exciting.

2.1 Starting purchases:

Online stores have a wide variety of products that we can search for by category or by specific name.

By clicking on any item we can see its characteristics, such as price, availability, opinions of other buyers, among others. 

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2.2 Selecting type of shipment:

Before the final payment we can see the shipping options, trying to choose the one that suits us best. These types of shipments refer to how and when your package arrives at our Miami office, from where we take care of bringing it to the DR

Remember to check the address field. You must put the one of our office in Miami:

  • Name: Your name D01-0XXXXX

  • Address 1: 4624 NW 74th Ave

  • Address 2: Unit 4

  • City: Doral

  • State: FL

  • Zip Code: 33166-6447

  • Country: United States

  • Phone: 305-599-3939

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2.3 Make your payment

From here we choose the payment method and the process begins to run. It is advisable to verify well before pressing the final button, in order to avoid unnecessary surprises.


3. Next steps

3.1 Following up:

As the article progresses, new notifications arrive. When it is dispatched to be transported, a tracking number is generated that you can use to track. This also identifies the carrier company, whether USPS, Amazon Logistics, etc.

If, for example, you bought from Amazon, you can track your order on its digital platform, viewing a graph like this:

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3.2 Make Package Pre-Alert:

At this precise moment the package is on its way to our warehouse in Miami, so it is essential to notify Domex (via the website or the app).  


At the time the carrier delivers it to Domex, they are already notified and, therefore, process the package with greater agility.  To make the Pre-Alert  We provide the package data, such as tracking number, carrier, content, invoice value, digital invoice, etc.


3.3 Receiving the order:

As the package progresses, you receive new notifications with the status of each moment. The first one is from the store, indicating that the shipment was made.

When the package arrives at Domex Miami you will receive a notification indicating that your package was received. From there you receive 3 more notifications:

  • Customs, when your package arrives in the Dominican Republic.

  • Received in Warehouse, when the received packages are being entered.

  • Finally, the most exciting of all:

mensaje disponible-09.jpg

In this message we see the total to pay, which can be done online or at the counter. In case of paying online we can specify if we want to receive it at home or pick it up.

If you choose to look for it at our branch, you can notify your package through our App before it arrives, so you save waiting time.

It's time to enjoy your purchase!

If you wish to download this manual to print it, you can do so through the following button: