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Distribution of Ordinary Documents 

We handle all types of ordinary documents, with nationwide delivery coverage. We use an innovative electronic and automated system for the delivery and tracking of your documents, placing us as the leading company and the highest technological level.  

All documents are registered under a unique reference tracking, so that our clients can see the status of each of their documents and their history.  

For these ordinary documents we use acknowledgments of receipts and/or manifests. So our customers have proof of delivery. 

We handle documents such as:  

  • Journals 

  • Invitations  

  • correspondences 

  • Letters 

  • Statements of accounts 

  • Bills  

  • Among others 

Dist doc ordinarios

Distribution of Commitment Documents

We handle high value documents for our clients. All these documents carry a security procedure different from all others. Our delivery system allows our clients to monitor all their documents from their office, under a web application.  

Within this delivery scheme, for greater efficiency in personalized deliveries, we manage calls and appointments to confirm addresses. As an added value, our customer service department performs for our clients the effective correction of addresses and updating of the database, consolidation of documents, delivery of reports and monitoring to determine the quality control of their deliveries. Request your quote on time.  

We offer the collection of documents from the client's facilities with security bags and the guarantee of quality control through our automatic delivery system with handheld devices. 

We handle documents such as:  

  • passports 

  • Legal documents 

  • Certified Documents 

  • Credit cards 

We guarantee a safe and reliable delivery thanks to the use of our automated electronic tracking system and through the customer service staff that will offer you a personalized follow-up. 


The flyer service is designed to distribute advertising material such as brochures, magazines, newspapers, promotional items, samples, etc. In what we call mass distribution we have two options:  

  • The daily Established Routes covering areas with a medium, medium high and high socioeconomic level of the city on different days and specific departure areas. The material is delivered by the supplier.  

  • ​ The Customized Route the client tells us the days and delivery areas, streets or specific locations to distribute. Distribution options depend on the specific needs of each client. The material is delivered by the supplier. 

Assigned Messaging

We offer the staff assignment service for your company, trained with experience in the courier area. These personnel are properly cleaned, with all their equipment and their motor or transport vehicle assigned by DOMEX. 

The client has the option to choose from several candidates presented. We guarantee 4 hours for staff replacement. 

Management and control of your line staff

In order to continue providing our clients with full support and control management of their line staff, we offer subcontracting, administration and staff assignment services nationwide.  


Benefits for your company: 

  • Eliminate labor risks of lawsuits. 

  • Improve cash flow by eliminating fortnightly payroll commitments. 

  • Guarantee of compliance with all labor obligations. 

  • No social responsibility for dismissals of assigned employees. 

  • Reduced personnel administration costs for a 14% discount on your current costs. 

  • Eliminate the responsibility of medical licenses. 

  • Eliminates standardization of strategic employee benefits with employee benefits from other support functions. 

Adminstracion personal
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