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5% discount on pet supplies!

The love for that special being in your family can be manifested in a big way, because we have a 5% discount on pet supplies for you.

You must request this discount for each package you receive with your pet's love!

how to apply

The customer must request it directly to, sending the purchase invoice showing the description of the type of item or presenting the invoice to the customer service staff at the counter. This 5% discount on Freight must always be previously requested by the client, it is not a fixed discount.


  1. Applies only for PRIORITY service or Freight. Does not apply for additional charges. (Airport Fee, Insurance, Transportation, Fuel, DGA Service).

  2. Applies only for packages that comply with purchase invoices that have the description of articles for pets.

  3. It only applies to personal clients, it does not apply to CORPORATE clients.

  4. It is not transferable.

  5. Does not apply to credit invoices.

  6. Does not apply discount on discount.

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