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Amazon Prime and its benefits is an American e-commerce and cloud server services company. This macro company has revolutionized electronic commerce over the years, and was one of the first to sell goods through the internet. Its founder Jeff Bezos had a vision in 1994 that others did not. See the scope of technology and the development of electronic commerce. Today Amazon has become one of the internet portals that sells the most goods worldwide. has adapted to all the goods and products you can imagine. Whatever you're looking for, Amazon sells it.

In 2005 Amazon introduces what is called "Amazon Prime", as a membership for all interested customers. The idea is to offer added value to those people who use Amazon services a lot.

This membership has a fixed annual cost of US$99.00, which is an estimate of $4,306.5 Dominican pesos. But you may be wondering,

And what benefits does Amazon Prime offer me as an internet shopper?

Amazon is a company focused on service, and as such they want to offer the best to their customers. The first benefit of opting for Amazon Prime is nothing more and nothing less than:

2 Day Shipping (Delivery in 2 days) WITHOUT ANY COST

The “2 Day Shipping” is something that the Market highly values, since the first thing we think of when we buy an item is when we will have it in our hands. We are anxious to have this product, therefore delivery times are the most valuable thing for us. And what better than having a delivery shipping service in 2 days and not having to pay the shipping or he sent only the cost of the item.

We are talking about saving money on our shipments. We would only pay for the item and shipping will be included. It is very tedious to find an item and pay the cost of the item as well as pay an extremely expensive shipment since the item is far from our Miami Courier address. With Amazon Prime this is over.

But beware, this "2 Day Shipping" is for the US market (delivery in 2 days US territory) since the Amazon we use is the one that shows the product portfolio in the USA. Which is actually what suits us best since we acquire cheaper prices. These 2 days of delivery we must add 1 day of delivery for the Courier process in our country.


César Villanueva – Gerente de Negocios Corporativos Domex Courier

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