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Honey, savings for online purchases

Haven't tried Honey yet? This tool is perfect if you are looking to save money. With this tool you will change the way you shop online, and you will never pay the highest price on your purchases again.

If you don't know it yet, Honey is an extension that is installed in your internet browser, it is activated once the application determines that you are on an online sales page. Its objective is to search for discount coupons in the online stores where you want to make your purchases, and alert you if the product you are going to buy can be purchased cheaper in another store or even if it had a lower price at another time. I have good news for you, Honey is totally free and I'll explain how it works below.

To install Honey in your browser you must:

1. Access the Honey page: and press the "Log In" button, if you do not have an account created, you must do so.

2. After having your profile created, press “Get the Honey Button”

3. You confirm that you want to place it in your browser and press “Add to Chrome” or "Add to Chrome".

Ready! Honey will be added to your browser and is ready to search for all the coupons in the online stores you visit. To use it, you go to the online store of your choice and place the items you want to purchase in your shopping cart. At the time of the "Checkout" you press the Honey button and it will tell you how many coupons it has found. You apply the coupons and Voila!

With the discount applied, you proceed to checkout and you will have made your purchases saving a few pesos. This is what Honey is all about! From chasing savings everywhere.

Install it NOW in your browser and complete your purchases in a different way!

We help you save, and we bring your packages immediately! #DomexTeLoTrae

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