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New address DOMEX MIAMI

Domex family, we have a new one since February 2021, a larger warehouse for receiving your packages. This allows us to work faster and give you a better service.

The new address they should have is:

Name: Your Name D01-0XXXXX

Address 1: 4624 NW 74th Ave

Address 2: Unit 4

City: Doral

State: FL

Zip / Postal: 33166-6447

Country: United States

Phone: 305-599-3939

It is important to update the address to avoid delivery delays.

What happens are the packages that were sent to the old address?

Your packages will not be lost. Amazon will allow us to use the old address 1603 until the end of May 2021. However, receipt will take longer for delivery.

Be sure to update your data so you can make your purchases with the peace of mind you always have.

What should you do if your packages do not arrive?

To help you solve that and any problem with your packages, send an email to: with your tracking, membership number and your name, so that our staff in Miami can pick up your packages and take care of taking them to the new address. You can also access this service at:

This process can take 1-2 days for the transfer to the new address.

If you need assistance, call 809-616-6633 and our agents will assist you in real time.

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