Frequent Questions

01 – Do I have to pay more to bring a perfume?

There is no additional shipping cost for this type of product. For safety and protection, it must be well packaged and should be for personal use.

02 – How do I make an online payment?

You must log in to “My Account“, go to “Payments” select the package or packages you want to pay, choose the payment method, then you must specify the delivery address and place a note with commentsof the delivery schedule , who receive and place references.

03 – How to expedite the shipment of my package in Miami Received No Commercial Invoice?

When you receive the notification email stating, “Received in Miami with No Commercial Invoice” you must send via email to , the invoice corresponding to the notification package, specifying in the title of this mail form:

W03- your code // // D01- membership Client name. All this for the right package information.

Upon receipt of this message, we proceed to instruct our staff in Miami so that your packages are sent within 24 hours to SDQ.

04 – How should I enter shipping information in internet shops?

Name: Your Name + D01-0XXXXX
Address Line 1: 4624 NW 74th Ave
Address Line 2: Unit 4
City: Doral
State: FL
Zip Code: 33166-6447
Phone: 305-599-3939

05 – Why USPS says that they delivered my package at Domex Miami and is still not reflected in My Account?
When making a purchase on the Internet and choosing Standard shipping, in most of the cases the store will use the United States Postal Service to deliver your packages. The USPS provides a number of tracking for them.

There has been cases that when you verify the status of the package says “delivered” ; It is important to know that this does not mean that we have received in our offices in Miami, because USPS places this status when dispatching your package stores, and delivery is completed three or more working days subsequent to that indicated by the USPS. In addition it may be the case that the supplier will initially send your order by UPS or Fedex, but it is completed by the USPS.USPS does not solicit signatures as proof of receipt or delivery confirmation packets (such as FedEx, UPS or DHL, couriers used in Shipping Express), which can be given if it is delivered to an incorrect address, or re- addressed to their offices after hours of Domex Courier, to complete the delivery the next day.

You can find more information at
06 – What if the carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) confirms the delivery of my package at Domex Miami and is still not reflected in my account?

Contact our Live Chat with your tracking number at hand.

07 – How long will I receive my packages at home?

If you live in Santo Domingo: 24 – 48 working hours.

If you live in other provinces of the country:  72 hours after having made the payment online.

08 – What should I do if the page throws an error when paying online?
  1. Change browser and try again.
  2. If the problem persists, contact us at 809-616-6633, and we will gladly assist.


09 – How I can make the Pre Alert or Pre notice of my package?

We have included this innovative tool to expedite the shipment of packages. When making a purchase online, with this tool you can send the invoice immediately, you need only specify the tracking attach the bill and complete all information relating to realize the same day shipping.

Once your package is received at our terminal in Miami, we identify the invoice and the data they are entitled to be shipped to SDQ.


10 – How long will my packages be available for delivery?

In 24 working hours after receiving them in our warehouse in Miami.