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20% discount on freight pounds with ALNAP

¡Take advantage of the 20% freight discount that Domex offers you when you pay for your packages with your cards from the National Savings and Loans Association (ALNAP)!


1. 20% Freight discount on all Domex Courier packages, when paying for your packages with cards from the National Association of Savings and Loans Bank.

2. Discount valid until December 31, 2022.

How to access the discount:

Request the application of your 20% Freight at the counter when paying your packages with ALNAP credit and debit cards.


1. Applies only for PRIORITY or Freight service. Does not apply for additional charges. (Airport Fee, Insurance, Transportation, Fuel, DGA Service)

2. It is not transferable.

3. Applies to all packages, without limits.

4. Applies only personal clients, does not apply to CORPORATE clients.

5. Does not apply to credit invoices.

6. Does not apply to discounts on discoun

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