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Acquire 1 Eco-Bag by invoicing 10 accumulated pounds at the Counter

Dynamic: Receive 1 FREE Ecological Bag when billing 10 accumulated pounds in packages at the counter.

The 10 pounds apply to pounds accumulated in a single invoice and only apply to 1 Ecological Bag per month per customer. This promotion will be valid while supplies last (until covers are exhausted).


  1. Applies only for invoiced packages of the PRIORITY service or Freight.

  2. They apply 10 accumulated pounds in packages in a single invoice.

  3. Apply for 1 single Ecological bag per customer per month.

  4. Does not apply for additional charges (Airport Tax, Insurance, Transportation, Fuel, DGA Service).

  5. Applies only to invoices that comply with the pounds detailed in the benefits section.

  6. Applies only to invoices for packages picked up at the counter.

  7. Does not apply to CORPORATE clients, only applies to personal clients.

  8. Does not apply to credit invoices.

  9. Participating branches:

  10. El Millón

  11. Lope De Vega

  12. Piantini

  13. Zona Universitaria

  14. Bella Vista

  15. Santo Domingo Este

  16. Naco

  17. Santiago Villa Olga

  18. San Juan

  19. Santiago Gurabo

  20. San Francisco de Macorís

  21. Puerto Plata

  22. Bonao

  23. La Romana

  24. Higüey

  25. San Pedro de Macorís

  26. San Cristóbal

  27. Herrera

  28. Nagua

  29. Los Prados

  30. Moca

  31. Boca Chica

  32. Evaristo Morales

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