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Domex contribution to the National Vaccination Plan

The great family of Grupo Domex is pleased to be part of the change. In support of the National Vaccination Plan, we have granted more than one million pesos in discounts to our members for presenting their vaccination card. We are grateful to everyone who did their part and helped fulfill this commitment, which belongs to everyone. But this is not the time to let your guard down. We are going to continue taking care of ourselves to continue working for the country and the development we want.

At Domex we take care of our collaborators and partners, which is why we have motivated everyone to go and get vaccinated. We have more than 96% of our staff with two (2) doses of the vaccine.

We have a lot to do to recover from the damage caused by the pandemic, that is why it is important that every Dominican and foreigner who visits us complies with the security protocols to control and avoid contagion, now more than ever, because only by respecting the recommendations of the World Health Organization we are going to stop the threat of this virus and its rapid evolution.

The Domex Group is committed to maintaining these measures, to take care of each member and collaborator for as long as necessary, because we are not going to give up, we will continue our efforts for the development of our economy, for the freedom to work, go out and socialize. , for the future we deserve.


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