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01 to 31 October 2021

This year we are approaching the final stretch with the pandemic and that is why we have decided to give a cash back in pounds for all customers who bill packages of 4 pounds and up and also a 40% discount on freight for packages weighing 5 pounds or more when presenting your vaccination card with the second dose against COVID-19.



Benefits 1: Domex Points for Cash Back of pounds in November and December for Black Friday

For every 4 pounds that the customer invoices from October 1 to October 31, he accumulates 1 point equivalent to 1 pound that can be exchanged for a cash back in pounds during the month of November for the packages that he brings in the Black Friday season. The minimum number of cumulative points to use cash back in pounds is 20 points, which is equivalent to 20 pounds. All who apply will be selected. Does not apply corporate accounts. The prize will be delivered in 2 pound coupons to be redeemed until 31 Dec 2021. Discount freight only.

The winners will be selected by the greatest number of packages brought on the indicated dates of the contest. The pounds that you will get in return will be available from November 1 to 30 and correspond to a return of the pounds invoiced for the month of October by bringing your purchases with Domex, this amount includes ITBIS and all charges for use of our services.

How to request points:

  1. To participate, the client must move the largest number of packages and invoice them before the closing date.​

  2. The client must fill out the form on the page: and submit their participation in this category so that their invoices are taken into account.


  1. The pounds correspond to the value indicated in points that the client must accumulate when bringing their purchases with Domex, this includes the PRIORITY or Freight service and all additional charges. (Airport Fee, Insurance, Transportation, Fuel, DGA Service and ITBIS).

  2. All packages that are brought with Domex from October 01 to 31, 2021 apply.

  3. They apply only to personal clients, it does not apply to CORPORATE clients.

  4. Future packages or those that have not yet been received in Miami after the closing date of the contest do not apply.

  5. Customers who do not provide the requested information to participate in the contest indicating the category do not apply.

  6. The pounds will be fractional as requested by the clients who are selected as winners.

  7. Only personal clients who bring packages of 4 lbs or more participate.

  8. Pounds do not apply to credit invoices.

  9. The returned pounds will be available for use for 1 month from November 1 to December 10, 2021.

  10. Failure to comply with the clauses of these Regulations will be cause for revocation of the Prize..

Benefit 2: 40% discount on all packages of 5lbs or more.

The 40% discount is back on your packages of 5 pounds or more, by presenting your vaccination card with at least 2 doses you apply to acquire a 40% Freight Discount on all your packages of 5 pounds or more throughout the month of October. Applies to all branches nationwide. Corporate clients do not apply.

How to access the discount:

To request a 40% discount on the freight of all those items that weigh 5 pounds or more, you just have to present your card at the counter or by sending an email to with a photo of your ID and the card. of vaccination where the quantity of the doses is visible.


  1. Applies only for PRIORITY or Freight service. Does not apply for additional charges. (Airport Fee, Insurance, Transportation, Fuel, DGA Service).

  2. Applies only to packages from customers who present their COVID-19 vaccination card or certificate with the 2 doses applied.

  3. Discount applies to a single package.

  4. Applies to all Domex branches nationwide.

  5. Only personal clients apply, it does NOT apply for CORPORATE clients.

  6. Does not apply to customers with a fee.

  7. It is not transferable.

  8. Does not apply to credit invoices.

  9. Does not apply discount on discount.

Participating Points:

(Domex branches nationwide)

1. Domex El Millón 2. Domex Lope de Vega 3. Domex Piantini 4. Domex Zona Universitaria 5. Domex Bella Vista 6. Domex Santo Domingo Este 7. Domex Santiago Villa Olga 8. Domex San Francisco de Macorís 9. Domex Puerto Plata 10. Domex La Romana 11. Domex Higüey 12. Domex San Pedro de Macorís 13. Domex San Cristóbal 14. Domex Bonao 15. Domex Arroyo Hondo 16. Domex Av. Independencia 17. Domex Los Prados 18. Domex Santo Domingo Oeste 19. Domex Villa Mella 20. Domex Carretera Mella 21. Domex Naco 22. Domex Cacicazgos 23. Domex Los Ríos 24. Domex Evaristo Morales 25. Domex San Carlos 26. Domex Santiago Gurabo 27. Domex Nagua 28. Domex Moca 29. Domex La Vega 30. Domex San José de Ocoa 31. Domex Haina 32. Domex San Juan de la Maguana 33. Domex Bávaro 34. Domex Los Alcarrizos 35. Domex Gazcue 36. Domex Boca Chica 37. Domex La Feria 38. Domex Máximo Gómez 39. Domex Ensanche Ozama 39. Domex Camino Chiquito 38. Domex Boca Chica 40. Domex La Esperilla 41. Domex Tenares 42. Domex Herrera 43. Domex Puerto Plata 44. Domex San Isidro 45. Domex Bani 46. Domex Ensanche Paraíso 47. Domex Azua

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