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Our couriers, those responsible for bringing you smiles in each package...

Since its inception, Domex's main mission has been to become the first option for Dominicans to cover their national and international transportation, mail, and parcel needs through service excellence.

Domex Courier was founded in 2012 with the aim of offering an excellent service so that all customers can receive their purchases made online with the added value of a fast, safe and reliable home delivery service. Being the pioneer company with free deliveries throughout the country and very competitive rates. We have the structure and support of Domex Nacional, the leading courier company in the Dominican Republic with more than 25 years of experience.

For the home delivery service to be a fact, we have the privilege of having the distinctive resource of exceptional couriers, they are responsible for delivering our customers' packages right to their doorstep. The Domex family is proud to have people with big hearts, who make every effort every day to ensure that our customers receive their packages on time. Thanks to them we are what we are today. They are in charge of getting a smile out of each client in each delivery.

Our couriers are the heart of Domex.

Evaristo Burgos, who has been with the company for 17 years, is a special being, he always offers a smile to all customers, enthusiastic and cheerful, the one who is crazy about his packages. Since he arrives at Domex he is always ready to start his deliveries. The first thing he does when he arrives at the houses of our clients, who he greets first is the dog and the children, according to Evaristo.

Florentino Genao, “El Mayor” is his nickname because he always responds with military nicknames, 13 years working in our company, a committed and dedicated being not only with his family but also with his clients and colleagues.

“When I arrive, customers say: “Domex has arrived! And they go out to receive their package that they are waiting for” says Florentino.

Marcel Damir, “condorito”, “El niño” are his nicknames, he has been bringing joy to customers for 11 years, he is a special person, who understands the need and urgency of delivering each package on the day it is required. "The joy that I bring to the customers, when I arrive they are happy with the packages" Marcel Damir tells us, when asked what do you like most about delivering packages?

Francisco Severino, is an example of commitment shows day by day that we make Domex customers happy. "The satisfaction that I see people feel when I go to deliver the packages, I feel that for them, we are someone important" is what Francisco feels day by day in his deliveries.

For Domex Courier it is more than a sign of loyalty, commitment, and a sense of business belonging, that our couriers distinguish us with their presence for many years making deliveries to our customers, feel motivated and happy with the work they do every day. with the hallmark that characterizes Domex Courier deliveries.

We feel proud, they are an important part of the success of the Domex service, they comply with the statutes that we need as a company to provide the best home delivery service.

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