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Promotion 5% Fixed Discount on Autopay


¨Promotion 5% Autopay Discount¨

From October 13 to December 31, 2021

Automate your payment and receive your packages in less time!

With the new Autopay payment method, you receive your packages faster because by registering your card and selecting the Autopay payment option, you allow our platform to process and dispatch your packages as soon as they are placed as available in your locker. If you still do not know how to do it, here we leave you the link so that you can access our website and activate it as soon as possible because in addition to speeding up the processes, you also receive an additional 5% discount on the Freight of all your packages until December 31, 2021. The discount will be applied to the next package you bill after activating this option.

How to request the discount?

By using Autopay, the customer can request a 5% discount on freight on all your packages that are billed with the automatic payment method by sending an email to: You can also choose to create a support ticket at: indicating that you want to apply the discount. To access this discount, the customer must activate the Autopay option and leave it working with at least one registered payment method.


  1. Applies only for PRIORITY or Freight service.

  2. Does not apply to additional charges (Airport Fee, Insurance, Transportation, Fuel, DGA Service).

  3. Does not apply to packages that have arrived outside the promotion validity date.

  4. Does not apply to CORPORATE clients, only personal clients apply.

  5. Apply discount on discount.

  6. Applies to customers with a fee.

  7. Does not apply to credit invoices.

  8. It is not transferable.

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