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¿Why use online coupons?

The coupon is a marketing tool aimed at increasing the sales of a product or service or customer loyalty. Many of us know what they are, however very few know how to use these online coupons. Online coupons can be found in most online stores and in the Dominican Republic we do not have the culture of taking advantage of them. As consumers we always look for the cheapest items and stores, but what many do not know is that with coupons we can purchase items at low prices compared to the regular price of stores. If you are affiliated or have bought from an online store, you know that they tend to send you emails in which they promote their offers of the week or month and what is new in the store. If you look closely you can find codes with which you can reduce the cost of what they are promoting. We encourage you to do more research and be more methodical when joining online stores, so that you can find and take advantage of great deals that can significantly reduce the cost of the merchandise you will buy. There are even web pages that are specialized in searching for coupons and categorized by type of business and discount percentage


Vanessa Sánchez – Servicio al cliente online

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